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Public Crime Advisory

The Argyle Police Department recently issued the following Public Crime Advisory.

This morning our officers responded to the theft of a Ford F250 Super Duty

King Ranch pickup truck that was taken overnight from the driveway of a

residence in the Country Lakes neighborhood. The vehicle pictured below

is not the one taken but is similar in appearance. The individuals responsible

for this theft were able to take the vehicle without the use of the owner's

keys and the vehicle's tracking device was removed within minutes of the


After speaking to members of the Northlake Police Department, we've

learned that there have been two other thefts of Ford trucks within their

jurisdiction in the past several months by similar means. In one case, the

vehicle taken was an F250 Super Duty and, in the other, the vehicle was an

F250 Super Duty King Ranch.

Our agency will conduct a full and thorough investigation based on any

information we receive, but we know that crime prevention is a cooperative

effort between us and the community.

Owners of Ford Pickup trucks are asked to consider the following

precautionary steps:

  • Remove keys from the vehicle when it is unattended.

  • If possible, park your vehicle inside of a closed garage.

  • Do not store keys close to the vehicle, including inside the home near

where the vehicle is parked. Though unconfirmed, it is possible that

suspects may have amplified the signal of the vehicles' Smart Key to

gain access. You can purchase an inexpensive key fob signal

blocking pouch or box from Amazon or other retailers.

  • Small GPS tracking devices can be purchased and hidden within your

vehicle. These are relatively inexpensive but will require a SIM card

for cellular connectivity.

To assist us in solving offenses, all citizens are encouraged to consider the


  • Mount cameras to the exterior of your home that capture your

driveway and the roadway in front of your home.

  • Make sure your camera system captures and stores video. If you

utilize Ring, Arlo, Nest, Blink, etc. This may require a subscription to

their service.

  • Take part in our Community Camera Program:

  • Call police if you observe suspicious behavior. You can always

utilize 911 or you may also reach dispatch at 940-349-1600 (option 9) .


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